The wide applications of the bearing determine the diversity and complexity of the bearings. The strict requirements determine the importance of the quality and performance of the bearings. The ball bearings are the innovated versions of the traditional bearings. The rotors and the stators of the ball bearings are lubricated by using the balls and lubricants. The ball bearings overcome the shortcomings of short service life and in-stable operation of the oil seal bearings, but the cost is not increase too much. The ball bearings rotate through the round metal balls, and therefore, the rotation of the ball bearings can be activated easily.

The ball  roller bearing housing  have the advantages of small friction resistance, small power consumption, high mechanical efficiency, easy starting, size standardization, interchangeability, easy installation, convenient assembling, convenient maintenance, compact structure, light weight, narrowed axial dimension, high precision, high rotation speed, small wear and tear, and long service life. Some ball bearings have the performance of self-aligning. The ball bearings are suitable for large scale production with reliable and stable quality and high production efficiency.

Compared with the sliding bearings, the ball bearings have many advantages. The ball bearings have smaller coefficient of friction and higher transmission efficiency than those of the sliding bearings, the friction coefficient of the general sliding bearings is 0.08 to 0.12, and the friction coefficient of the ball bearings is only 0.001 to 0.005. The ball bearings have achieved standardization, serialization and universalize, therefore, they are suitable for mass production and supply, and they are convenient to use and maintain. The ball bearings are made of bearing steel and processed through heat treatment. Therefore, the ball bearings have not only high mechanical properties and long life, and they can use less expensive non-ferrous metals than the sliding bearings during manufacturing process.

The ball bearings have small gaps inside the  roller bearing housing supplier , and all the parts are processed with high precision. Therefore, the ball bearings have high operation precision. At the same time, the rigidity of the bearings can be enhanced through per-load method. Some ball bearings are able to bear radial load and axial load simultaneously, and therefore, the bearing support structure can be simplified. The ball bearings have high transmission efficiency and less heat generation, therefore, they can reduce lubrication oil consumption, and lubrication and maintenance are relatively easy.